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Organic cinnamon Splits

Organic cinnamon Splits

Origin : INDIA

Product Description : Obtained by dried bark of Cinnamomum Zeylanicum. Comply with USFDA, ASTA & EU standards.

Packaging / Storage : Best kept dry and sealed at 70° F and 60% RH. 20kg Packed in paper bags with polythene liner inside.

Organic cinnamon Splits



Organic Cinnamon Splits Wholesale Supplier, Exporter

Organic cinnamon splits are a natural spice made from the bark of cinnamon trees. They have a warm, sweet, and mildly spiciness flavor profile that is aromatic and earthy. Due to the flavor’s exquisite blend of sweetness and warmth, Organic cinnamon Splits Wholesale supplier products are common ingredients in a variety of culinary preparations.

Ariimportexport Organic cinnamon splits often have the texture of rolled or curled pieces of bark. They can be pounded into a fine powder for convenience, even if they are a little fragile. Organic cinnamon splits have a reddish-brown to dark brown tint that gets deeper with time. This vibrant hue enhances the warmth and depth of foods and beverages, making it a spice that is both aesthetically pleasing and tasty.

Aromatic Organic Cinnamon Splits For Extra Taste

One common spice is cinnamon. It contains a lot of cinnamaldehyde, which is regarded to be the primary factor in cinnamon’s health advantages. It has significant levels of antioxidant polyphenols with great potency. Cinnamon contains antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce your risk of disease.

Additionally, Ariimportexport cinnamon may reduce certain significant risks for heart disease, like blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol. Furthermore, it dramatically raises insulin sensitivity, which could help with blood sugar regulation. Organic cinnamon Splits Wholesale supplier recommends having daily doses ranging from 1-6 g or 0.5-2 tsp for lowering fast blood sugar levels.

Moreover, one of the primary active ingredients in cinnamon is cinnamonaldehyde. Due to its antifungal and antibacterial qualities, cinnamon may help prevent infections, tooth decay, and other diseases. Ariimportexport cinanom is very organic and also offers virus protection.

Premium Organic Wholesale Cinnamon In Bulk For Best Use

Organic cinnamon splits are highly versatile and beneficial for various industrial purposes and uses. Our Organic cinnamon is a common component in baked foods, coffee, rice additives, and the tastes chai and pumpkin spice. They are a sought-after component in the creation of scented candles and air fresheners due to their deep, warm smell, which gives spaces a cozy and welcoming ambiance. The fragrant and cosmetic industries could also benefit from using cinnamon’s natural oils to produce fragrances, lotions, and skincare items with alluring, spicy overtones.

Additionally, cinnamon is useful in many industrial processes due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities, particularly in the production of natural cleaning solutions. Cinnamon-based extracts can be useful as cleansers and disinfectants because of their effectiveness in battling bacteria and germs.

Additionally, cinnamon is useful in the creation of some packaged goods and products due to its pleasant aroma and natural preservation properties. It can assist things like potpourri, cigarettes, and even some food items have a longer shelf life.

Premium Organic Cinnamon Splits Wholesale Supplier – Ariimportexport

Organic cinnamon Splits Wholesale supplier take pleasure in our capacity to grow sustainably, and Ariimportexport has made long-term investments to guarantee the longevity of our global supply chain. This strategy supports our ongoing capacity to provide our clients with a high level of food safety, traceability, sustainability, product purity, and overall value.

Ariimportexport has International quality standards such as VN-STAMEQ, USDA Organic, FDA, FFL, Organic, Global Gap, TCVN, and Viet Gap. For us, excellence means providing the highest-quality, fragrant spices which satisfy your specifications. Our GFSI-BRC-certified spice production facilities provide Halal, Kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic certified products.


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